What Is Edge Glued (Masif) Panel?

The solid panel is defined as the plates obtained by gluing small sections of solid wood from the same type of tree, i.e. lamellae, in one piece or part attached to the end, in a single layer in the longitudinal and transverse direction from the edges of each other, especially so that the fibers are parallel. It is used and recommended as an alternative to other sheet products especially in furniture and decoration works with its speed and economy provider qualities in its production and quality control.

The best results can be obtained in the massive panel only if the production and quality control is carried out under certain principles and conditions in line with the objectives of the investor.



In recent years, in parallel with technological developments, the orientation to the wood plate industry has increased significantly to meet the increasing demand for production. The production of wood plate ( wood panel , edge glued panel , solid panel) , chipboard , MDF , melamine coated chipboard , plywood and OSB products have been in an intense increase since 1990. In addition to the demand of the market, they are suitable for mass production and their homogenous structure, as well as being easily available. In addition ,moisture differences in the natural wood material and problems such as physical , mechanical, and technological properties that change according to defects are less encountered are the reasons why wood board products are preferred. The approaches in consumer preferences, especially with the technology that has developed since the beginning of the 2000s, have made it necessary to make natural wood material more stable and practical in decoration and furniture production.

Due to the speed of the production of natural wood (Solid panel , wood panel, edge glued panel ) and the difficulties in the application of the product , it has led manufacturers who have given more weight to the wood plate industry to the production of edge glued panel. Conscious consumption and ecological approaches, along with the rising standard of living in the world, have also been an important factor in the rapid increase of the usage areas of edge glued panel in the furniture and woodwork industry. In parallel, edge glued (masif) panel has become an important sector in the world and in our country by achieving significantly high production capacities.


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