Walnut Wooden Countertops

Walnut Wooden Countertops

Walnut Oak Beech Kitchen Countertops On Sale with Thickness and Measurement Options. Click the

Technical Specifications

Walnut Wooden Countertops

Blank Type: Finger-jointed

( It is constructed from short pieces of wooden timber by finger jointing and glueing) ]

Glue Type(glueing): D3 / D4

Quality: AA / AB / BB

Width: Between 62 and 80 cm (100 cm is also produced for island kitchens.)

Length: Between 200-450 cm

Thickness Choices: Between 28-40 mm (Project based customised production can be made)

Moisture Content: %10 (±2)

Density: 0,49 kg / dm3

Finish: 120 grit

Package: 80 microns shrinkwrapping



Over the past few years, interest in wooden stalls has been growing immensely. More and more people are opting for massive kitchen countertops in kitchen renovations. Why? The kitchen is the most active place in our homes. For this reason, the kitchen decoration is very important not only in terms of aesthetics, but also because it determines the ease of Use and the quality of time spent in this space. Wooden kitchen counters give a modern air, but not in any other material, natural and aesthetic appearance offers harmony. Wooden countertops ensure luxury appearance of your kitchen with a quality decoration.

Wooden countertops are one of the most important advantages of being used in kitchen models that do not fit usual kitchen models. Custom sizes can be produced for architects that do not use the standard designs. Wood against other materials (granite countertops , marble countertops , acrylic countertops) easily shaped by carpenters, quick adaptation to minor changes , professional interior designers and kitchen designers provides convenience.  After the order can be used within 5-15 days with production, transportation and assembly. Although it is best to wait 24 hours after the installation of the wooden kitchen counter, it reaches full durability within 7 days.