Walnut Live Edge Table

Walnut Live Edge Table

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The live edge table is produced without the use of an industrial product other than natural wood. It offers its users a healthy, retro-looking living space. It is produced from special trees of first class quality. The natural wood table, which is produced by selecting from wood that has completed its life and does not grow, offers a variety of visual and physical features such as color, texture, thickness, height. Each product is unique from each other and is produced by handwork. The most important detail in the production of natural wood table models as a result of the operations to prevent losing its naturalness. The type, durability, amount of maintenance and quality of the tree are the priority in selection. The thickness of the tree determines the size of the wooden table table made of one piece.



  • After the tree cutting stage, drying process is started by baking. It is very important to set the baking time correctly in order to keep the tree moist or to over-bake and crack. Although its cracked appearance does not affect the natural appearance of the natural wooden table, it may damage its use.
  • The dried tree is smoothed according to the desired thickness.
  • Then a smooth surface is obtained by sanding.
  • Protective layers are applied and polished.
  • Paint and varnish processes are made according to the user preference.
  • It is ready to use after selecting and mounting the foot model for the live edge table.

Natural wood products are used frequently in daily living spaces (home furniture, cafe, restaurant, workplace furniture) especially by people who want to escape from stressful city life. Office table, dining table, coffee table etc. billet table can be preferred. Walnut Table provides heat-humidity balance by reducing the humidity rate at home or in the indoor environment it is located. Solid table models give the place the desired effect with their impressive designs and natural protection. Wooden tables can be used for a very long time without any problem if the maintenance and production are done correctly. These are the products that we come across on embroidered classical tables, especially antique furniture. Wooden decoration products that keep pace with every age can be designed according to everyone's taste and preference.