Pıne Edge Glued Panel CC Solıd

Pıne Edge Glued Panel CC Solıd

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Technical Specifications

Pine Solid Edge Glued Panel CC

Blank Type: Solid, also known as full-length stave panels

(It was produced by combining the end-to-end blanks of timber strips)

Glue Type(glueing): D3 / D4

Quality: CC

Width: Between 80 cm and 122 cm (Standard: 122 cm)

Length: Maximum 450 cm (Standard: 244 cm)

Thickness Choices: 16-18-22-25-30-40 mm (Project based customised production can be made)

Moisture Content: %10 (±2)

Density: 0,49 kg / dm3

Finish: 120 grit

Package: 80 microns shrinkwrapping

Face (Surface) Specifications 

A Grade: The surface is generally flawless. Rarely, there can be a couple of pin knots, also known as bird’s eye knots.

B Grade: The surface has got lots of closed knots and some lamellas has moires. Maybe, there can be few pitch pockets.

C Grade: In addition to Class B properties, there are gum spots and extra black knots, also known as loose knots.

About Solid-Finger Jointed Pine Edge Glued Panels

Pine Edge Glued Panel, also known as parquet texture. Pine tree can be categorized as one of the softwoods. Panel types, which have uniform colour and low quantity of resin, have low ratio of cracking and expanding. We are careful about choice of pine timber that has low resin in our production. Pine wood panel is harder and more flexible than Abies and Spruce. Resilience of Pine edge-glued panel is quite high. It has a very high load bearing capacity. Panels can be dyed after removing its resin. It is NOT causing any trouble by screwing and nailing. Both Solid and Finger jointed pine panels are suitable for CNC machining. There are main types of pine, such as Yellow Pine, Dark Pine and Red Pine.


  • 100% natural wooden materials are using during production.
  • The product provides strength and aesthetic. It has a more durable lifespan.
  • Edge-glued panel saves time, labour and material in the overall perspective.
  • Edge glued panel does NOT need either veneer or edge seal.
  • Glue is used which is NOT harmfull for human and environmental health.


Application Areas of Pine Edge Glued Panels

Pine Edge Glued Panel can be used in furniture industry and all type of the decorations. Pine wooden panel is suitable for production of wooden door and window frame, staircase, veneering and many other places. It is very easy to machine. The decision of area of usage whether interior or exterior depends on the type of glueing.