How To Clean The Wooden Counter?

Oak , walnut, Beech varieties, such as the use of wooden bench brings to mind questions about how to clean and usefulness. The wooden countertops, which are the most important element of the kitchen, are easy to clean and can be used for many years without losing their sparkle and stylish. The kitchen needs to be cleaned regularly during daily operation. Wooden kitchen countertops are also made of moisture and water resistant so they can be cleaned several times a day. However, excessive wet cleaning can shorten the maintenance time of natural kitchen counters.

How Should Cleaning Products Be Used In Wooden Countertops?

The wooden countertop can be cleaned with a damp cloth that is not overly wet.

- Using hard surface cloths or kitchen wires to act as sanding may damage the protective oil of the countertop. This process requires lubricating the wooden countertop again afterwards.

- It is therefore best to clean the material spilled on your wooden counter with a soft and slightly damp cloth before it dries.

- Wood kitchen countertops, which are a completely natural material, are not in contact with cleaning products containing heavy chemicals(bleach etc.).

- It can be used with liquid dish detarjans with peace of mind. However, the use of natural ingredients and homemade detergents as much as possible protects human health and prevents damage to the wooden counter itself with healthy cleaning results.

- Your wooden kitchen countertop using carbonated warm water or white vinegar water can get the hygiene you want. Otherwise, intensive chemical use will damage the protective oil layer of your wood countertop and lead to leaks into the natural wood countertop tissue in advanced stages.


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