Ash Edge Glued Panel Fınger Joınted

Ash Edge Glued Panel Fınger Joınted

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Technical Specifications

Ash Edge Glued Panel- Finger Jointed

Blank Type: Finger-jointed

( It is constructed from short pieces of wooden timber by finger jointing and glueing) ]

Glue Type(glueing): D3 / D4


Width: Between 80 cm and 122 cm (Standard: 122 cm)

Length: Maximum 450 cm (Standard: 244 cm)

Thickness Choices: 16-18-22-25-30-40 mm (Project based customised production can be made)

Moisture Content: %10 (±2)

Density: 0,49 kg / dm3

Finish: 120 grit

Package: 80 microns shrinkwrapping


Face (Surface) Specifications 

A Grade: The surface is clean and it has uniform colour shade. There can be a couple of knots.

B Grade: The surface has got bird’s eye knots and colour changes. Generally, there is NOT any incipient rot.

C Grade: In addition to Class B properties, there are incipient rots, extra knots. It contains mixture of heartwood and sapwood more than Class B.

About Ash Edge Glued Panels

Ash tree is a hardwood that is heavy and dense. It can be polished very smoothly. It is hard to crack and resilient in a dry environment. Ash panel can be deformed with the effect of changes in the weather. However, it is resistant against the harmfull insects and microorganisms. It has high tensile strength and medium level of connection with nails and screws. Ash panels are suitable for CNC machining.


About  Edge Glued Panels

100% natural wooden materials are using during production.

The product provides strength and aesthetic. It has a more durable lifespan.

Edge-glued panel saves time, labour and material in the overall perspective.

Edge glued panel does NOT need either veneer or edge seal.

Glue is used which is NOT harmfull for human and environmental health.


Application Areas of Ash Edge Glued Panels

Ash Edge Glued Panel can be used in furniture industry, staircase and all type of the interior decorations. Lately, it becomes popular for producing saucers for tea glass and coffee mug. Also, it is very popular in furniture industry. It gives a positive outcomes when it is used as a turning blanks. Ash is also used in the production of plywood. Ash wooden can be used for making sports equipments and tool handle, such as hammer because of its high bending resistance. Ash timber used for production in racket, hockey stick, gymnastic equipment, cricket bat and pool cue. The decision of area of usage whether interior or exterior depends on the type of glueing.